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Paths to leadership are not always straight forward.

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Anna Maria Medvid

When Anna Maria told her parents she wanted to go to college, they were very upset. She came from a cultural background that didn’t believe that women needed a college degree.

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Bryan West

Bryan West had no idea of what he wanted to do for a career when he came to WVU. He knew he wanted to be an engineer.

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Chris Williams

As a child, Chris Williams lived in states all across the United States. His father was with the U.S. Border Patrol.

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Darren Anderson

When Darren Anderson was in high school and thinking about a major, his father helped him decide what he would be doing. “He told me if I went into engineering, he would pay for my degree, but if I pursued a business degree, I would be on my own, “ Darren laughs.

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Dewey Boswell

Dewey eventually decided on Industrial Engineering because he liked the process focus. He also liked the many different career opportunities he would have with an IE degree

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Gregory Cominos

As a freshman coming from a blue collar family in Pittsburgh, Greg Cominos never imagined that he would have a career that would take him to all parts of the world.

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Gregory Nailler

Greg Nailler knew he wanted to be an engineer, but wasn’t sure what type. What helped him decide was the freshman presentation on Industrial Engineering.

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James Blue

Jim Blue was born and raised in Morgantown. His older brother was a mining engineer, so Jim enrolled in Mining Engineering at WVU as well.

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James Hinkle

Jim Hinkle chose to study Industrial Engineering when he received a recruiting letter from the IE program when he was in high school. He had no knowledge of what Industrial Engineers do, but decided to make IE his major.

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John Knorr

John Knorr grew up on a small farm in Southwestern Pennsylvania. While neither parent was able to go to college, education was the priority in his family.

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Suzanne McNamara

Suzanne never had a doubt that she would get a college degree. She was the oldest of five children with parents who never went to college. A college education was a fulfillment of her parent’s dreams. She learned about Industrial Engineering from a summer program at Notre Dame.

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Tim Lord

Tim Lord wasn’t sure he wanted to be an engineer when he entered WVU. He was in the National Guard.

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TJ Toomey

When T.J. Toomey came to college, he imagined that he would be an Electrical Engineer. But struggling with math, he realized that EE wasn’t the best choice for a major. He chose Industrial Engineering because he liked the business aspects of the major.

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