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Greg Nailler knew he wanted to be an engineer, but wasn’t sure what type.  He was considering CE, ME, and IE.  What helped him decide was the freshman presentation on Industrial Engineering.  He really liked the variety of career options that IE offered.

Greg did well in school.  He credits much of his college success to his study group. “There were 4 – 5 friends who studied together in virtually every class,” Greg says.  Not only did the study group help Greg succeed in college, but it gave him the framework for creating successful teams in his business career.

When Greg graduated, he had opportunities to work for 6 companies: 3 were traditional IE jobs and 3 were in technical sales.  He chose a career in technical sales based on 3 reasons: his father’s career was in technical sales, he saw sales as having more of a business connection, and he saw sales as the best fit for his competitive nature.

Greg started his career in a rotational program.  After finishing the rotational program, he stayed in a pure sales position for 5 years.  He had 3 promotions during this time.  Greg looks back on his career and thinks it was smart to get such an extensive sales experience: “You get to know the company and its products when you are in sales,” he says.

Greg and his wife made a very critical career decision.  His wife had a career as a pharmacist.  They decided that Greg’s career would take precedence. What this meant was that Greg and his family would accept the relocations that were necessary as Greg was promoted.  “I wouldn’t be where I am today if my wife and family weren’t supportive of my career,” Greg says.

The threshold moment for Greg’s career was when he recommended that Eaton purchase Marina Power and Lighting.  Greg’s family were boating enthusiasts and Greg became aware of the potential of the acquisition.  Eaton accepted Greg’s recommendation and bought the company.  Greg was asked to run the company for a while as it was transitioned into Eaton.  He was 31 years old at the time.  This gave Greg a lot of exposure to senior executives in Eaton.  Greg still recalls very fondly the personal notes he received from every employee at Marina Power and Lighting when he moved on.  “I realized then that a positive impact I can have on the lives of others I work with,” Greg recalls.

Greg sees his career starting to take on more of a financial role as he takes on more responsibility.  “I’ve done operations and sales,” Greg says “so the financial side is a natural next move for me.”


District Sales Vice President, North American Sales Organization, Eaton Corporation

Cincinnati, Ohio

January 2014 – Present


  • Responsible for all Sales Related Activities Within the District Territory for Eaton’s Electrical Businesses Totaling $150M in Sales Revenue.
  • Manage all Aspects of the Sales Territory Including Strategic Planning, Market Share Penetration, Channel Management, & Organizational Capability, Including the Five Eaton Regional Sales Offices Within the Territory.



Product Line Manager, Power Distribution & Control Assemblies Division, Eaton Corporation

Arden, NC

May 2009 – December 2013


  • Profit & Loss Responsibility for Low Voltage Switchgear, Unit Substation Transformers, and Integrated Power Assemblies With 2012 Net Revenues of  $359M.
  • Managed All Aspects of the Business Including Strategic Planning, Product Line Roadmaps, Profit Planning, and Organizational Capability.



Business Operations Manager & Integration Manager, Marina Power & Lighting, Residential Products Division, Eaton Corporation

Williamsburg, VA

January 2007 – April 2009


  • Profit & Loss Responsibility for the Business.  Managed All Aspects of the Business Including Strategic Planning, Integration, Finance, Production, Supply Chain, Operational Excellence, Human Resources, Sales, and Marketing. Total Revenue of $14.4M in 2008.



Product Manager, Residential Products Division, Eaton Corporation

Pittsburgh, PA

August 2004 – December 2006


  • Managed Product Marketing; Responsible for Profit Planning; Setting Strategic Direction and Objectives; and Responsible for Profit/Loss for Product Lines of Responsibility Totaling $170M Net Sales.
  • Developed and Lead Eaton to the Acquisition of Marina Power & Lighting in March 2006.



Senior Sales Engineer, Sales Engineer, & Inside Sales Engineer, Global Sales and Solutions, Eaton Corporation

Charleston & Morgantown, WV

June 1996 – August 2004


  • Responsible for Sales of Eaton’s Electrical Products Within the Assigned Territory With an Annual Goal of $4M
  • Responsible for All Channel, Distributor, and End User Customer Relationships.

Note:  These Were Three Separate Sales Roles Within West Virginia With Increasing Levels of Responsibility.

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