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When T.J. Toomey came to college, he imagined that he would be an Electrical Engineer. But struggling with math, he realized that EE wasn’t the best choice for a major. He chose Industrial Engineering because he liked the business aspects of the major. What he didn’t know at the time was that his IE degree would lead to a career in technical sales.

The threshold moment in T.J.’s career was a meeting he was asked to attend.

T.J. started his career with the company where he had his senior internship. He was exposed to all sides of the business in a management training program they offered to new hires. Through this training program, T.J. had experience in operations and sales. He used his IE degree in both areas. He helped computerize aspects of operations. He also designed an incentive program that led to more sales and earnings for service personnel.

He left his original employer due to a change in corporate leadership and joined a small entrepreneurial business. It is a business that few people even realize exists. ScentAir manufactures fragrances for public places such as hotels, malls, retail stores, even sports areas.

What T.J. brought to ScentAir was an organizational development perspective. T.J. Also showed them how to use data as a competitive tool.

The threshold moment in T.J.’s career was a meeting he was asked to attend. The discussion was how to improve retention and sales. While T.J. was the most junior person in the meeting, his insights became the focus of the discussion. From that moment on, T.J. was turned loose to grow sales at Scent Air. The result has been growth in sales of 30% per year for seven years in a row.

T.J. credits a lot of his success in sales to his understanding of operations that came from his IE degree.


T.J. Toomey – Senior Vice President, Sales

T.J. Toomey is the Senior Vice President, Sales for ScentAir Technologies, LLC, the world’s largest and most experienced Scent Marketing company. ScentAir is the market leader of in-store and on-property fragrance delivery solutions for brands of all types in order to increase brand affinity, experiential impressions and improved client environments. Before joining ScentAir, he served in multiple roles within the uniform and facility services industries.

Previous roles with ScentAir include progressive sales management responsibilities for Field Based Account Executives to National Strategic Account Directors. With a broad background in customer facing roles, production and operations positions, built on foundation of team building, he is well suited to lead ScentAir’s sales efforts in North America.

T.J. specializes in high performing team sales. His expertise is in sales process, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, strategic selling, and market analytics. T.J. graduated from West Virginia University with Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering (BSIE) and from Mount St. Mary’s University with a Masters of Business Administration (MBA).

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