Mark Ramsey came to WVU from Southern West Virginia and by his own admission was very shy.  “I really struggled doing presentations and meeting people, “ he says.  Mark’s journey to Industrial Engineering was a long one.  He tried Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Biology (PreMed).  He finally ended up in Industrial Engineering when he found a major that helped him find an academic focus.

When Mark finished the IE program, surprisingly he went into technical sales.  “I could deal with people one-on-one,” he says.  Mark’s first job was in the mining industry back near his hometown. A shooting incident at one of the mines convinced Mark he needed to change career directions.  He returned to WVU to get a Masters degree.

At the end of his Masters course work, Mark got an opportunity to work in the textile industry.  Mark was very comfortable with his work at Kayser-Roth and had increasing responsibility.  But Mark decided to take a career risk and move from a textile environment to the pharmaceutical industry.  “If you want to have a successful career,” Mark explains, “There are times you have to move outside of the things you are comfortable doing.”

Mark’s former boss at Kayser-Roth convinced him to come to Burroughs-Wellcome a pharmaceutical company.  While at Burroughs-Wellcome, Mark attended a management development program at the London Business School.  “This experience really opened my eyes” he says.

Burroughs-Wellcome was purchased by another pharmaceutical company Glaxo.  They offered an attractive severance package which Mark accepted to the surprise of many.  After leaving Glaxo, Mark spent two years getting an MBA at East Carolina University.

Again his former boss intervened to involve Mark in a project.  Mark was asked to do due diligence for a firm that would like to purchase the Glaxo facility where Mark had worked.  The new owner Catalytica Pharmaceuticals initially wanted to use the business to fund its core expertise in natural gas fired turbines.  Mark had doubts about the business strategy and sought out other opportunities.

For a short time, Mark worked at the Perrier Group bringing more efficient practices to its supply chain operations.  When a former boss from Burroughs-Wellcome took a position at Mylan , he asked Mark to join him.  Mark started as Vice President of Logistics and then became Vice President of North America Supply Chain.  Mylan asked Mark to take on more of a global role as it expanded through acquisitions.  Mark turned the position down and decided to retire instead.

“I’m very passionate about fly fishing,” Mark says.  “While I’ve had opportunities to return to the corporate world, I’m comfortable with my retirement.”


Mark Ramsey


Experience    Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                                    Morgantown, WV

2007 – 2013  Vice President, North America Supply Chain
2001 – 2007 Vice President, Logistics

Perrier Group America (a Nestle’ Company)            Allentown, PA

2000 – 2001  Supply Chain Planning & Network Design

Catalytica Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                              Greenville, NC

1997 – 2000  Vice President, Logistics
1995 – 1997  Due Diligence & Integration Consultant

                    Burroughs Wellcome, Inc.                                       Greenville, NC

1993 – 1995  Manager, Industrial Engineering
1991 – 1993  Senior Industrial Engineer
1990 – 1991 Section Head, Production Planning
1989 – 1990  Manufacturing Industrial Engineer

Kayser – Roth Hosiery                                             Greensboro, NC

1988 – 1989  Senior Staff Industrial Engineer (Greensboro, NC)
1988             Manufacturing Manager (Lumberton, NC)
1987 – 1988  Manufacturing Industrial Engineer (Lumberton, NC

                    Polythane Enterprise, Inc.                                       Madison, WV

1984 – 1985  Technical Sales Representative

Education    East Carolina University                                          Greenville, NC
1995 – 1997  Master of Business Administration w/Honors (MBA)
– Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma lota Epsilon

London Business School (1 week)                           London, England
Duke Fuqua School of Business (1 week)                Durham, NC

1994   International Management Development Program

  • Burroughs Wellcome, Inc.

West Virginia University                                             Morgantown, WV

1985 – 1986  Graduate Level Coursework (Industrial Engineering)
1978 – 1984  Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering (BSIE)

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