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Paths to leadership are not always straight forward.

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Andrew Kovach

Andy Kovach wasn’t sure what he wanted for a career. He chose Industrial Engineering because he liked the combination of engineering and business.

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Anna Maria Medvid

When Anna Maria told her parents she wanted to go to college, they were very upset. She came from a cultural background that didn’t believe that women needed a college degree.

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Colleen Burns

Colleen Burns came to WVU after spending one year at the University of Buffalo. She knew that she wanted to study Industrial Engineering, but wasn’t sure what her desired career path would be.

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Darryl Duncan

Darryl Duncan was the first in his family to go to college. His decision to go into engineering was greatly influenced by a high school physics teacher and a visit from a WVU Engineering professor to his high school.

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Dave Hawkins

Though Dave Hawkins resides in Pittsburgh, he will always consider Morgantown his home. As any West Virginian will tell you, it’s not just a place to live, it’s a way of life.

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David Palmer

When David Palmer came to WVU, he had no idea of his career path or even what he wanted to major in. It was an Industrial Engineering presentation that helped him decide what he wanted to do.

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Gary Murdock

Gary Murdock came to WVU knowing he wanted to be an engineer. He chose Industrial Engineering because he liked the business aspect of IE.

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George Bennett

George Bennett started WVU as an Electrical Engineer, but quickly transferred to Industrial Engineering because he wanted to work with computers.

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Gregory Ford

Greg Ford always thought he wanted a career that involved business. It was a presentation on Industrial Engineering that helped him decide on his college major.

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James Blue

Jim Blue was born and raised in Morgantown. His older brother was a mining engineer, so Jim enrolled in Mining Engineering at WVU as well.

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James Hahn

Jim Hahn’s career was shaped by his senior internship. He was assigned to work at United Hospital Center in Clarksburg. “I was excited to work at a hospital,” Jim says.

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Jeff Thompson

When Jeff came to WVU, he planned on studying Mechanical Engineering, but chose Industrial Engineering instead. “I didn’t know IE existed,” Jeff said, “But I found it to be a better fit for what I wanted to do.”

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John Jackson

As fate would have it, not having a car in college influenced John Jackson’s entire career. “When I was in college, we did internships during the regular semester. Most of the students were placed in nearby areas. Since I didn’t have a car, I was assigned to WVU Hospital.

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Luis Gonzalez

Luis was destined to be an entrepreneur. As a child, he sold items throughout his neighborhood. When he came to WVU, he chose Industrial Engineering because he enjoyed math, but he wanted a business career also.

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Mark Ramsey

Mark Ramsey came to WVU from Southern West Virginia and by his own admission was very shy. “I really struggled doing presentations and meeting people, “ he says.

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Mary Ackenhusen

When Mary Ackenhusen came to WVU, she was uncertain about her major. She eventually decided on engineering, but still had doubts.

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Matthew Merrifield

Since Matt was good at math and science, his father suggested he become an engineer. At the time, Matt didn’t understand what math/science had to do with driving a train.

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Ritchie Soos

Ritchie Soos came to WVU with the goal of becoming an Industrial Engineer. He thought he would work in manufacturing, but his career has been totally focused on the healthcare industry.

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