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Paths to leadership are not always straight forward.

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Anna Maria Medvid

When Anna Maria told her parents she wanted to go to college, they were very upset. She came from a cultural background that didn’t believe that women needed a college degree.

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Bobby Banerjee

Bobby Banerjee was born in Baltimore, MD. At the age of 3 he moved to England, then Scotland, back to England, and then Ireland. He went to school in India from 5th-12th grade, living in the second most populated city in the world – Calcutta.

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Buddy Stemple

Buddy Stemple came to WVU with the intent of being a Chemical Engineer. He even had a Chemistry Scholarship.

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David Haynes

Dave Haynes struggled in the first years at WVU. In fact he failed physical chemistry. He originally intended to be a Chemical Engineer because he grew up in Charleston, WV where the chemical industry was a dominant employer.

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Eugene Zvolensky

Gene Zvolensky was a successful high school athlete who had a partial scholarship to play football at Purdue. He eventually decided to come to WVU.

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Jill Broschard

Jill liked the flexibility of an Industrial Engineering degree and chose WVU’s IE program to pursue her degree. Like many students she wasn’t sure how she wanted to use her degree.

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Mark Ramsey

Mark Ramsey came to WVU from Southern West Virginia and by his own admission was very shy. “I really struggled doing presentations and meeting people, “ he says.

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Ryan Hunter

When Ryan Hunter came to WVU, he knew he wanted to be an engineer but didn’t know what type. He chose Industrial Engineering because of the variety of career paths it offered.

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William Merchant

When Bill Merchant came to WVU, his original intent was to be an Electrical Engineer. But the traditional employers of EE’s weren’t hiring so he switched to Industrial Engineering.

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