Dave Haynes struggled in the first years at WVU.  In fact he failed physical chemistry.  He originally intended to be a Chemical Engineer because he grew up in Charleston, WV where the chemical industry was a dominant employer.  In desperation he transferred to Industrial Engineering, not really knowing what IE’s do.  As fate would have it, Dave spent most of his career in the chemical industry. “Everyone I work with thought I was a ChE,” Dave laughs.

Dave started to get excited about his education when he started taking courses in computer programing, statistics, and operations research.  He eventually graduated with Honors.  While in college, Dave was hired part-time to do computer programming.  Dave never imagined that he would go to graduate school until he was encouraged to do so by his instructors. In graduate school, he worked as a part-time instructor and was given the opportunity to work at the local energy lab (now NETL).

When Dave graduated with his Masters, he stayed at NETL.  “I essentially wrote my own job description as the only industrial engineer on the station,” Dave says.  Dave’s work impressed the national headquarters and he was asked to move to Washington, DC.  Dave turned down the move because the increase in pay wasn’t enough to make up the increased cost of living in DC.

A corporate recruiter approached Dave about an opportunity to work for ICI Americas as an Operations Research Analyst.  Dave is very proud of his work in supporting the pharmaceutical trials for new drugs during his time at ICIA.

For most of the rest of Dave’s career, he worked for petrochemical companies constructing, and using models to optimize chemical plant/refinery operations.  A lot of the work was determining the feedstocks/crude oil that the plants should purchase to optimize plant profitability.  These were classical linear programming applications.  Dave said that one of the personal drivers was to keep the plants profitable to preserve the jobs of their employees.

Dave had spending authority of 100 million dollars per purchase for petroleum supplies.  Dave comments that there very few people in the world who had similar responsibility and authority.  Dave’s department had the responsibility for purchasing in  excess of $16 billion a year along with the related logistics, accounting, and risk management activities.

While Dave is now retired, he has remained active in various civic and academic activities.  He is a past president and board member of the Petrochemical Feedstock Association of the Americas.  He has also been an active member of the WVU MSIE Advisory Committee and Academy.  In addition Dave is a Deacon at the Second Baptist Church in Houston, TX.


David Haynes is a proven leader who has used his analytical skills to optimize the utilization of petrochemical facilities.  His professional experience includes:


Professional Experience

  • LyondellBasell Industries AF, Houston, Texas; 12/07 – 6/10


Senior Vice President Raw Materials Supply, 12/07 – 6/10


Responsible for global crude oil/feedstock acquisition for worldwide refinery operations and U.S. based petrochemical operations valued in excess of 16 billion $/year.  Scope of position included related risk management, logistics, inventory management, accounting, trading and petroleum market analysis / forecasts.


  • Lyondell Chemical & Equistar Petrochemical; Houston, Texas; 5/98 – 11/07


Vice President Feedstock Supply, 6/01 – 11/07

Responsible for global feedstock acquisition for U.S. based operations valued in excess of 3.5 billion $/year.


Director Feedstock Supply, 5/98 – 5/01

Responsible for Feedstock Department acquisition and trading of NGL’s, refined products, and crude oil in support of the company’s petrochemical plants.


  • Occidental Chemical Corporation; Dallas & Houston, Texas; 7/88 – 5/98

Various director positions related to feedstock supply, energy, logistics, purchasing, production planning, and risk management.


  • Cain Chemical Inc.; Houston, Texas; 5/87 – 6/88

Director level position responsible for hydrocarbon supply function for petrochemical plants.


  • ICI Americas; Wilmington, Delaware and Houston, Texas; 5/73 – 5/87

Held various director and manager positions related to petrochemical production planning, production coordination, supply, and process control optimization.


  • S. Department of Interior; Morgantown, West Virginia; 5/71 – 5/73


As an industrial engineer developed computer models to assess energy technologies, and evaluated effectiveness of various oil well treatment techniques.


Professional Affiliations


Registered Professional Engineer.

Past President and Board Member of Petrochemical Feedstock Assoc. of the Americas

Founding member of Petrochemical Feedstock Association (Europe)

Senior Member of Institute of Industrial Engineers.

Member of WVU Academy of Industrial Engineers

Member Alpha Pi Mu, National Honor Society

Associate Member of Sigma Xi, National Research Honorary

Past Chair of the IMSE Advisory Organization




Authored or co-authored 12 publications or papers in the areas of energy development and evaluation, biomechanics and management science.


Civic Involvement


Deacon at Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas

Past president and/or board member of various civic and religious organizations.




  1. S. Industrial Engineering (with honors), West Virginia University, 1970
  2. S. Industrial Engineering (3.9/4.0), West Virginia University, 1972


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