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Buddy Stemple

Buddy Stemple came to WVU with the intent of being a Chemical Engineer. He even had a Chemistry Scholarship.

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Dale Dodrill

When Dale Dodrill came to WVU he didn’t know what Industrial Engineering was even though he was enrolled in the program.

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David Haynes

Dave Haynes struggled in the first years at WVU. In fact he failed physical chemistry. He originally intended to be a Chemical Engineer because he grew up in Charleston, WV where the chemical industry was a dominant employer.

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Dewey Boswell

Dewey eventually decided on Industrial Engineering because he liked the process focus. He also liked the many different career opportunities he would have with an IE degree

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Donald Suray

When Don Suray came to college, he thought he would get an engineering degree and return to his hometown of Weirton, WV and eventually become the plant manager of Weirton Steel.

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Donald Worlledge

Don Worlledge was one of the 10 original graduates in Industrial Engineering at West Virginia University. He graduated in 1955.

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Ganesh Iyer

Ganesh Iyer moved to the United States from India to pursue a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering. Passionate about optimizing complex processes, systems and organizations, he followed a close friend to West Virginia University.

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George Didawick

When George Didawick graduated from high school, he was drafted to serve in Vietnam. When he fulfilled his military obligations, he went to work for Western Electric.

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Greg Andersen

Greg Andersen decided to study engineering because he was good in math and science in high school. He chose Industrial Engineering because of his business interests beyond traditional engineering.

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James Hinkle

Jim Hinkle chose to study Industrial Engineering when he received a recruiting letter from the IE program when he was in high school. He had no knowledge of what Industrial Engineers do, but decided to make IE his major.

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Jay Rateau

Jay Rateau grew up in Weirton WV. Little did he know at the time that his career would take him to more than 90 countries across the world for business or pleasure.

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Keith Harvey

Keith Harvey came to WVU thinking he would be a mining engineer. Coming from Southern WV, mining was the way of life.

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Kenneth Codeluppi

Ken Codeluppi knew he wanted to be an engineer in high school, but realized that his personality was also suited for sales. He chose Industrial Engineering because it would give him both a technical and business-oriented education.

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Nick Caggiano

Nick Caggiano came to WVU knowing that he wanted an engineering career. He also knew that he wanted a career in management. When he attended the Industrial Engineering presentation, he knew he found the major that was right for him.

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Richard Ott

Rick Ott came from a blue collar family. His father was a shift worker at Shell Chemical in Belpre, Ohio and his mother did odd jobs to help support the family. “My parents were able to put their four children through college,” Rick says.

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Robert Simon

Robert Simon came to America from Venezuela as a 13 year old. He knew no English.

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Russell Craig

Russ Craig came to WVU thinking that he would be a Chemistry or Mathematics major. It was his roommate who convinced him to become an Industrial Engineer.

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Stephen Peskar

Steve Peskar knew he wanted to be an engineer when he entered WVU, but wasn’t sure what type. He wasn’t aware of Industrial Engineering until he heard the IE presentation during his freshman year. He liked the focus of manufacturing that IE offered.

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