John Martin

John Martin came from a family of nine children in Webster Springs, WV. Neither parent had gone to college, but all the nine children received degrees. Today, John’s siblings are doctors, [...]

Jeffrey Manuel

Jeff Manuel came to WVU from Martinsburg, WV and a family of Industrial Engineers. His uncle was an IE professor at WVU and his brother had just graduated with an IE degree. However, the Pride [...]

Matt West

Matt West came to WVU thinking he would be a Chemical Engineer, but wasn’t really firm on this choice of major. His older brother was a student in the college and recommended that Matt look at [...]

Sloan Bonar

When Sloan Bonar came to WVU, he was a Biology major. “I loved Biology in high school, but hated it in college,” Sloan says. “I was looking for a major and read about Industrial Engineering in [...]

Vineet Shastri

Vineet Shastri earned an Industrial Engineering degree in his native country: India. He wanted to continue his education, so he applied to 5 schools in America for a Masters. He was accepted by [...]