Chris Maiocco transferred to WVU from the Air Force Academy.  He was aware of the career opportunities in Industrial Engineering and joined the department.  His faculty advisor encouraged him to apply for an internship with UPS in Denver.  He applied and was successful, and that internship has led to a lifetime career.

When Chris graduated in 1989, he needed to fulfill his obligation to the Air Force.  After his Air Force commitment was over, he rejoined UPS.  During this time in the Air Force, Chris earned an MBA at Florida Institute of Technology.  Chris’ initial assignment was in Greenwich Connecticut in the international marketing group.  Most of his colleagues were Ivy League alumni, but Chris thrived in this position.  “My colleagues had more book smarts,” Chris says, “but I had more practical knowledge.  My IE degree also gave me more of a systems perspective.”

In the late 90s, Chris moved to the position of Director of Corporate Strategy involving UPS business worldwide.  This involved mergers and acquisitions work. “What I do is to investigate potential mergers and acquisitions in other countries.  We want to know the potential of a new business venture before we ever approach them.”

Chris has been involved in business explorations in over 20 countries.  He is involved in answering the essential questions of a new business relationship such as:

  • Why is this something that is beneficial?
  • How do we make this work?
  • What is our competitive advantage?
  • What are the risks?

When asked how he gained the knowledge in his job, Chris said that most of what he does is knowledge gained from experience.  Chris has had a unique career of being with one company for his entire career.  “I guess I have the military mindset that loyalty matters,” Chris says.

When Chris retires, he and his wife will become more active in ministerial work.

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