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Paths to leadership are not always straight forward.

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Bradley Parrish

Brad Parrish knew he wanted to be an Industrial Engineer when he was seven years old. His father (see his profile at was a manager with the Lamp Division of Westinghouse, and Brad had spent time in light bulb plants as he was growing up.

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Eugene Zvolensky

Gene Zvolensky was a successful high school athlete who had a partial scholarship to play football at Purdue. He eventually decided to come to WVU.

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Frank Cerminara

Frank Cerminara came to America from Italy when he was 8 years old. When he arrived at WVU, he couldn’t believe how lucky he was.

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Gary Sheehan

Gary decided to study Industrial Engineering because he liked the broad background of Industrial Engineering. While at WVU, Gary was fortunate to work with Professor Robert Fowler on a coal mine tunnel boring project.

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Gina Dubbe

Gina describes her pursuit of a college degree as running away from something rather than seeking a specific career.

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Jason Williams

Jason Williams says that he could never have imagined the career he has had when he first entered WVU. “Originally I thought I would be a Chemical Engineer, but the Industrial Engineering presentation just blew me away. I liked the idea of connecting engineering with business.”

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Jill Broschard

Jill liked the flexibility of an Industrial Engineering degree and chose WVU’s IE program to pursue her degree. Like many students she wasn’t sure how she wanted to use her degree.

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Kumar Rampura

When Kumar Rampura finished his undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering, quality control was a major focus in India. He decided to come to America to further his background in quality management.

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Michael Kutay

Michael Kutay, like many others, decided to study Industrial Engineering because he liked the combination of technology and business. He specifically wanted to work in manufacturing.

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Phil Cain

Phil Cain came to WVU thinking he would be a pharmacist.

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Raymond Brace

While Ray applied to college, he wasn’t thinking of continuing his education. Since he couldn’t find a job, he decided to go to college.

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Ryan Hunter

When Ryan Hunter came to WVU, he knew he wanted to be an engineer but didn’t know what type. He chose Industrial Engineering because of the variety of career paths it offered.

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Sean Henschel

Sean Henschel was influenced to be an engineer by a high school guidance counselor. “She told me I should pursue an engineering degree because of my math/science ability.”

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Tim Lord

Tim Lord wasn’t sure he wanted to be an engineer when he entered WVU. He was in the National Guard.

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William Ramsey

Bill Ramsey came to WVU knowing that he would be an engineer. He found out about IE from college literature.

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