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Paths to leadership are not always straight forward.

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Bernard Wolford

Bernie Wolford was encouraged to do something technical when he was graduating from high school. He originally decided to pursue Electrical Engineering, but when he saw the description of Industrial Engineering in the catalog, he decided that IE was a better fit for him.

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James Haines

When Jim Haines came to WVU, he wanted a major where he could use his math/science skills. He wanted a major with more of a business focus.

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John Altieri

When John Altieri came to WVU he wasn’t sure what his career path would be. He started in Mining Engineering because his father worked in the industry.

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John Martin

John Martin came from a family of nine children in Webster Springs, WV. Neither parent had gone to college, but all the nine children received degrees. Today, John’s siblings are doctors, lawyers, accountants, teachers, and social workers.

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Les Viegas

Les Viegas came to WVU from Bombay, India with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and three years’ experience working for a British Engineering Company.

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