When Jim Haines came to WVU, he wanted a major where he could use his math/science skills.  He originally thought he would be a Mechanical Engineer but transferred to Industrial Engineer.  He wanted a major with more of a business focus.

While in college, Jim found that he loved operations research and computers.  This eventually led him to pursue a Masters degree in Industrial Engineering.

Jim started his career with Gulf Oil (now Chevron).  He was involved in creating linear programming models for optimization of refiner operations.  It wasn’t long before he was chosen by corporate headquarters to do planning work.  He was one of two people selected for this program.

Jim realized that there would be a limit to how far his career could progress at Gulf.  A former supervisor at Gulf recommended Jim to a consulting firm, Braxton Associates, which was looking for the kind of skills Jim had.  Braxton Associates was founded by another WVU IE.

While at Braxton, Jim founded the London Office.  When Braxton was sold to Touche-Ross, Jim was asked to run Braxton part of the business.

“I needed a break from consulting,” Jim says.  He created Child Health Systems an entrepreneurial start up serving medically fragile children.  Eventually this business grew to a $40 – $50 million a year business.  Jim eventually sold the business and moved back to consulting.

Deloitte had acquired Touche-Ross and Jim because a partner at Deloitte,  Jim ran one of the seven segments of the Deloitte practice.  His consulting practice encompassed strategy operations improvements, mergers/acquisitions, and system development.

“My engineering degrees gave me a lot of credibility as a consultant,” Jim says “Consultants are often MBAs with little appreciation for the underlying technology of the business.  That’s where my engineering degrees were so helpful.”

Jim is now retired and enjoying living in South Carolina and Florida where he is near his family.


James Haines is an experienced consultant who has worked in a number of industries.  As a consultant, he has been a leader in building the practices of two consulting firms.  Jim has also been an entrepreneur in the health career industry.

Jim began his career with Gulf Oil in 1971.  At Gulf, Jim had experience in planning, optimization, and mergers/ acquisitions.  Jim moved from Gulf to the consulting industry with a position at Braxton Associates.  While at Braxton, he created its London office.  When Braxton was sold Touche-Ross, Jim because the President of Braxton.

In 1992 Jim created Child Health Systems, a company that served medically fragile children.  He grew this business to a $40/$50 Million revenue business.  He sold the business after 4 years and returned to consulting.

While at Deloitte, Jim was a Principal and Managing Director of one of the seven segments of Deloitte.  Jim retired from Deloitte after 11 years.

Jim is now retired and lives in South Carolina and Florida near his children and grandchildren.

Jim has two degrees from West Virginia University (BSIE/1968, MSIE/1971).  He also has an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.

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