Tim Adams came to WVU knowing he wanted to be an engineer.  During his second semester, he knew he wanted to be an Industrial Engineer.  Tim had three internships with three different companies while at WVU: Sun Electric (automotive diagnostic equipment), Alcoa, and Consolidated Aluminum.

The combination of internships and high GPA helped Tim gain a position with Kurt Salmon Associates, a top management consulting firm.

One of Tim’s first engagements was to help Time, Inc. move its order fulfillment operations to Orlando, FL, from Chicago.  This engagement involved all aspects of the move including facilities design, labor requirements, and operations practices.  In the middle of the engagement, Tim was hired by Time to be its Vice President of Operations.  He was 26 years old.

The entity that Tim helped create was called Time Customer Services (TCS).  By the age of 29, Tim was named President of Time Customer Services.  While Tim has had numerous opportunities to move to other positions in the Time organization, he has turned them down.  He didn’t want to move to New York City.  “It’s a decision, I’ve never regretted,” Tim says.

TCS has become a worldwide business under Tim’s leadership.

While Tim has remained in the same job for a number of years, the job he does today has changed drastically.  More than half of TCS’s business comes from outside of Time Inc.  Today TCS manages subscription services in a wide variety of applications such as in car entertainment services, sensor technologies for John Deere, streaming video and many others.

Tim has also seen the revenues of TCS triple while employment has been stable or declined.  TCS has become a worldwide business under Tim’s leadership.

Tim has also become very involved in the local community.  He is the Board President of the 3rd largest National Cancer Institute in America in Tampa.  While this is a volunteer activity for Tim, it is something that he is very dedicated to.


Tim Adams is a business leader with worldwide influence as head of Time Customer Services (TCS).  TCS provides order fulfillment services for Time and its affiliates as well as subscription services for businesses around the world.

Tim began his career as Director of Mail Processing in June 1989.  He quickly rose through the ranks of TCS and became its President in 1992.  Prior to joining TCS, Tim was a consultant with Kurt Salmon Associates.

Tim is also the Board President of the third largest National Cancer Institute in America.

Tim has a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering in 1985.

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