Sean Sexstone admits that during his first two years of college, soccer was more of a priority than his academics.  Sean was on the WVU soccer team and not really into his major.  “My grades weren’t very good at the time,” he says.  Three things changed his focus.  First he transferred to the Industrial Engineering program and he found the course work to be more interesting and practical.  Second he became involved in a serious relationship with his future wife and her family grounded and challenged him at the same time.  Most importantly, Sean’s father was a professor at WVU, and there was “constant focus placed on my academic success”.

Sean had sales experience as early as high school, which he believes led him into a more commercial focus in Engineering.  He was part of a vector marketing organization, and by the time he graduated, he was managing more than 150 sales reps in Morgantown.

When Sean graduated, he joined GE Energy in their Commercial Leadership Program.  This was a very competitive program that selected only two graduates nationwide.  Sean was one of the two.  At GE, Sean had exposure to a broad spectrum in the Energy Industry but finally found his way into a technical sales role in the Nuclear Industry.

One of his utility clients, Entergy, took a liking to him. “I was one of the only suppliers who was able to successfully negotiate with them.” They made Sean an offer to come to work at a multiple of his salary at GE.  Sean was to handle Vendor Performance and Supply Chain across the second largest commercial nuclear fleet in the U.S.  At age 27, Sean was in a Director position when the average age of his peers was 50.

Sean describes his approach as “relationship based aggressiveness”. “You really need to develop a one-on-one relationship with your clients and co-workers,” he says, “but you also have to be aggressive about obtaining your desired outcome.”  Sean also believes in having a lot of experiences so he can talk with clients about things that interest them.  He believes regardless if you’re in sales or operations, this is a successful way to manage a career.

Sean has essentially come full circle in his career.  He now leads a Business Development organization for CB&I, a major Engineering Procurement & Construction company.  His main focus is designing and building plants in the Power and Oil & Gas industry.


Sean is the Vice President of Business Development for the CB&I Engineering and Construction business unit.  In this position he is responsible for the management of sales and marketing efforts for the global power markets, which include natural gas, coal, air quality & nuclear.

Sean has diverse energy market experience in dometstic and international sales, operations and management in the energy industry.  His experience inclues project management, supply chain, product line management, commercial development and sales. Prior to joining CB&I, he served as Director, Strategic Alliances at Entergy where he was resposible for Vendor Performance and Supply Chain.  Prior to Entergy, he served in numerous roles for General Electric’s Power business.

He serves on the Board of Directors for NET Power, a technology company partially owned by CB&I.  He also serves on the Board of E4 Carolinas and the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from West Virginia Unversity.

Sean and his wife Teresa have four children and live in Charlotte, NC.

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