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Ray DeSabato was destined to be an entrepreneur.  In fact, he started his first business when he was in the sixth grade.  He made cinnamon toothpicks.  When in high school, he had a lawn care and landscaping business. For Ray, being an entrepreneur was a necessity.  He needed to earn money to continue to go to college.

During college, Ray started a software development company.  He needed to drop out one semester to earn enough money to continue.  During the semester, he sat out of college, he worked for Northern Telecom.  There was also a time when Ray was a tree climber.  He would climb up trees and cut limbs that needed to be taken down.

Ray credits all of the jobs he had in college for helping him develop the discipline he needed to do well in school.  Ray believes that the process of learning how to learn has been critical to his success especially since the business ventures he has been involved in have involved a variety of technologies.

Ray is what is known as a serial entrepreneur.

Ray loves the thrill of starting new businesses.  Over his career he has been a part of the start up team of four businesses:

  • Kuebix – CEO – A logistics/supply chain company
  • GTP – President – A plastics reclamation company
  • SynQor – President/CEO – A power electronics company
  • Acumentrics – Co-Founder/Vice President – Power company for rugged environments.

Ray has become the entrepreneurial driver for these businesses.  He enjoys the startup phase of business development. When the companies become sustainable he tends to move on to other ventures.  Ray is what is known as a serial entrepreneur.

Ray says that the business ideas are not hard to come by.  What is essential is to build the culture of the business by hiring people who enjoy making others successful.  Ray also commented that you have to be good at telling stories that can relate your ideas to experiences that others have had.

Ray is someone who doesn’t dwell much on the past.  He is always looking ahead to the next venture or opportunity.  In fact Ray is giving serious thought to his next venture: coaching youth sports.  He really enjoy helping young people succeed and develop confidence.  In effect he uses the same skills he learned from developing businesses to developing youth.


Ray DeSabato, Kuebix’s Chief Executive Officer, has an established track record of building successful, high-growth companies that offer innovative and value-added technologies. He has extensive experience developing and managing sales and marketing teams. Additionally, he is well versed in establishing company infrastructures, managing operations, directing new product development efforts and raising investment capital.

As the President of GTP Corporation, a technology-driven plastics reclamation company, Ray successfully created and led the company through a financial restructuring plan, resulting in a tenfold return for the company’s stakeholders.

As a Co-Founder, President and Chief Operating Officer of SynQor, Inc.®, an innovative power electronics company, he raised $45 million of equity and achieved annual sales in excess of $50 million, resulting in a fourfold return of capital to its investors.

As a Co-Founder and Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Acumentrics Corporation®, a power company, Ray was instrumental in the launch of the company. He also played an integral role in building its sales and marketing strategies, which enabled the company to secure commercial and government contracts.

Ray was also the Worldwide Business Unit Manager at American Power Conversion (APC). During his tenure, he achieved a growth rate of more than 100 percent for a $270 million division.

Raymond earned a BSIE degree from West Virginia University.

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