Mike Morris originally thought he would major in Psychology, but his father had other thoughts. “My dad said he would pay for my college degree if I pursued engineering, but if I majored in Psychology, I was on my own,” Mike says.  “It wasn’t a hard decision to make, because I really did have an interest in engineering.”

Mike admits that he enjoyed the social side of engineering too much.  “My last semester I had to work very hard to get to a 2.00 GPA,” Mike comments.  What Mike lacked in GPA, he more than made up with experience.

“A turning point in my college career was during the IE 200 final.” Dr. Byrd wrote on the board the name and contact information for a potential internship at EG & G, a contractor to the National Energy Technology Lab in Morgantown.  “As soon as the final was over, I called the contact for the internship.  I got the internship and worked there for the next couple of years while also taking classes.”

After graduation, Mike went to work for Titanium Metals Corporation (TIMET). He got this position because of his senior internship with Pratt & Whitney in Bridgeport, WV.  TIMET is a major supplier of titanium to the aerospace industry.  His initial assignments at TIMET were primarily operational.

After seven years with TIMET, Mike’s career took on a new dimension when he moved into a sales role.  He managed over $100 million in accounts with aerospace companies such as Boeing, Airbus, General Electric and Pratt & Whitney.

Mike’s career took another turn when he started working for Paradigm Controls of Texas (PCTX).  He wanted to do less travel.  Essentially PCTX is a project management company that supports the oil/gas and power generation industries.

Mike is the Vice President of PCTX with responsibility for business development and finance. “I’m a numbers guy,” Mike says.  “I do spreadsheets for fun.”  Mike’s combination of operations and sales experience gives him a unique background for his current job.

Mike has also returned to his interest in Psychology.  He is a devoted believer in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). “I use the insight from MBTI in working with people.  MBTI really helps me tailor my approach to a variety of personality types.  I’ve also taught MBTI to others.”

Mike’s career has been one that exemplifies the flexibility of an Industrial Engineering degree.  He has had jobs in operations, sales, and finance.  He has worked in different industries (aerospace, energy).  He has also worked in large and small companies.


Mike is the Vice President of Business Development & Finance for Paradigm Controls of Texas.  In this position he is responsible for the management of sales, marketing and finance. His experience includes project management, supply chain, commercial development and sales. Prior to joining Paradigm Controls, he served as a Global Account Manager for Titanium Metals both a domestic and international sales capacity.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from West Virginia University.

Mike and his wife Kristin have three children and live in Cypress, TX.

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