Lynn Dagar began her college career thinking she would be a pharmacist.  It didn’t take long for her to seek out another career path.  Her family were engineers so she looked into engineering as an option.  She selected Industrial Engineering because she liked the business side of engineering.

Lynn stayed at WVU for a graduate school because she wanted to be a college professor.  She changed her mind during her Masters degree and decided to pursue a consulting career instead.

Lynn helped organizations make the transformation from large main frame computers to a PC environment.  One of her clients was so impressed with Lynn’s knowledge of computers and sense of their business needs that he made her an offer to join their business.  This was when Lynn’s career changed from one of being primarily technology based to being more focused on understanding customer behavior.

Lynn also had entrepreneurial interests.  She was employee number 3 in a start-up business that grew to a $10 million business in a few years.

Lynn comments that most of her current colleagues have degrees in business, marketing, physiology, or statistics.  Lynn feels that her engineering degree gives her an analytical focus to the work that she does.

In her current position, Lynn does market research and surveys that are used to evaluate how organizations present themselves to their customer base.  Lynn takes delight in seeing commercials being aired on TV that resulted from her analysis.

The threshold moment in Lynn’s career came when her employer was going through a reorganization.  Lynn was asked to take on a Vice President role based upon her performance.

While Lynn’s career has been non-traditional for an Industrial Engineer, it really represents the extension of Industrial Engineering into a new business area.  Companies spend a lot of money on advertising and media.  What Lynn does is to help assure the company she supports get the most from their media investments.


Lynn Dagar is a proven executive for M/A/R/C. A marketing research firm which helps its clients create, evaluate, and strengthen their brand identities.  Her engineering background gives her a unique perspective on how to look at organizational strengths and use these to promote the company.

Lynn has 15 years of experience working in market research working for 5 different organizations.  She is also a board member of Golfers Against Cancer.

Lynn earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering in 1983 and completed her Masters in Science degree in Industrial Engineering in 1985.

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