Dan Mullins began his college career at West Virginia Institute of Technology.  Since Dan had to pay for most of his own college expenses, he became involved in Tech’s co-op program.  He had a co-op rotation at Ericsson.  Dan intended to study Electrical Engineering, but didn’t like the work that EEs were doing at Ericsson.  “I started getting involved with the Industrial Engineers at Ericsson and really liked what they were doing,” Dan says.

Dan decided to study IE and since Tech didn’t have an IE program, he transferred to WVU.  Although Dan already had two years of course work, he lost few credits. “While it took me 5 years to graduate, I left college with two years of experience,” Dan says.

Dan’s first interview his senior year was with Halliburton. “I knew nothing about the oil/gas industry, but Halliburton must have liked the skills I had.”  Halliburton invited Dan on a site visit to a frac job for a second interview.  “I really liked the thought of working outside and being involved in the action.”

Halliburton provided Dan with the oil/gas industry knowledge he needed.  What IE taught him was project management and how to think about how to plan/manage a job the most efficient way.

In 2013, Dan became the Vice President of Engineering for Producers Service Corporation.  He now has the unique position of being Executive Vice President of Operations and Sales.  “We are a lean operation,” Dan describes, “so our leadership wears many hats.”

Dan sees great opportunities for IEs in the petroleum industry. “What I learned in our IE program was how to manage time.  That’s critical in the petroleum industry since we need to get the most out of very expensive operations equipment.”

When asked about different engineering degrees in the oi//gas industry, Dan says:  “We are looking for someone with practical thinking skills.  When you have to make a decision on the site, practical problem solving is essential.”


Dan Mullins, Executive Vice President of Operations and Sales came to Producers Service Corporation from PetroEdge Energy in 2013, where he served as Regional and Operations Manager supervising the drilling, completion, and production of horizontal wells.  Dan is also a former Halliburton employee with over 19 years of experience in the oilfield industry.  Dan holds a B.S. in Industrial and Management Systems Engineering from West Virginia University.  His responsibilities include

technical sales, approval and vetting of all chemical/fluid packages for both the Marcellus and Utica formations, assisting in fracturing job designs and implementation, and managing the day to day activities of all of the operations of PSC.

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