When Dan came to WVU, he knew he wanted to be an engineer but had no idea of what kind.  The College had a program which presented different engineering majors to students.  Dan picked IE because he liked the link between engineering and business that IE provided.  Like many students, Dan struggled with math in his freshman/sophomore years.  When he got into his major, he was very confident that he had picked the right major.

When Dan graduated, he had several offers.  He decided to take a position with Texas Instruments because it would take him out of his comfort zone.  He gradually rose to a position of business unit manager for TI.

Again Dan decided to move beyond his comfort zone when he moved to more of a sales position.  A key moment in Dan’s career was when he developed a mentor who Dan describes as a big thinker.  “He opened my eyes to broader possibilities in my career,” Dan says.

Another major point in Dan’s career was when he moved to the Harbinger Corporation.  He bargained hard for a Vice President title and responsibility.  He knew that the senior executive position would be a stepping stone for other opportunities.  Dan comments: “I wouldn’t have had the career success if I stayed in my previous company.” The combination of pursuing career opportunities and being a part of multiple mergers and acquisitions, Dan has worked for 9 companies in total.  He has been fortunate to keep Dallas as his home location for family reasons though it has required significant travel.

When Dan thinks back on his career, he is especially proud of the number of people he has mentored who have had very successful careers.  Dan comments that his current employer has a phrase: “learn then teach” that they use.  When employees are selected to teach others that is a sign that they have achieved something special.

While Dan has spent his entire career in Texas, he never expected to have the opportunity to continue enjoying Mountaineer Sports.  The move to the Big 12 has given WVU a level of recognition in Texas we didn’t have before.


Daniel (Dan) L. Manack is vice president for global support and services in the Intel Security Group at Intel Corporation. He leads a global team of support specialists who work in partnership with corporate customers to help protect them against security threats. Manack’s focus is on understanding how Intel can exceed customer expectations in terms of security solutions, then empowering the organization to deliver. His team was part of the organization that won the 2014 Intel Quality Award. In addition, Manack’s focus on creating an exceptional work environment has contributed to the Intel Security Group’s site in Plano, Texas, being recognized by the Dallas Morning News in its Top Workplaces program for four consecutive years.

Manack joined the Intel organization in 2011 with the acquisition of McAfee Inc., now a wholly owned subsidiary that operates as the Intel Security Group. He joined McAfee in 2009 from Global 360 Inc., where he was vice president for worldwide services and education. Earlier in his career, Manack had executive leadership responsibilities at software and technology companies, including Intuit Inc. and Unisys Corporation. He spent the first 14 years of his career at Texas Instruments Inc. in a variety of manufacturing and business management roles.

Manack received a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from West Virginia University and an MBA degree from the University of Dallas in Texas. He is a Licensed Professional Engineer in the state of Texas.

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