Bob Cline comes from a family involved in the mining industry.  His family insisted that he study engineering in college.  They thought he would select Mining Engineering, but Bob says that he was rebellious and chose Industrial Engineering.

Bob spent his summers working in the mining industry.  His senior internship was with Fairchild Industries, a mining equipment company.  By the time he graduated, Bob had an IE degree and extensive practical experience in mining.

Bob decided to pursue a Mining Engineering Masters degree at the Colorado School of Mines once he received his IE degree.  He tested out of a number of the courses as a result of his experience in mining.  Bob comments that his IE degree gave him an understanding of processes which he could apply to mining.

For most of his career, Bob has been involved in both mining operations as well as mine planning.  This has involved working for mining companies or as a consultant to mining companies.

In his current position, Bob is the part owner of a Coronado Coal.  Coronado is primarily a metallurgical coal company although they also operate some steam coal mines.  Coronado has significant coal assets in WV in Greenbrier and Nicholas Country.

As Vice President of Coronado Coal, Bob has done considerable business development.  This has involved the investigation and negotiation leading to the acquisition of additional coal assets.  In this role, Bob provides both a technical and business dimension to Coronado.

While Bob’s career isn’t a traditional one for someone in a mining industry leadership position, he believes his IE degree has given him a valuable perspective on how mines operate.


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