Every year there are close to 2 Million students graduating from college.  What does it take to have a career that is clearly distinctive among that many graduates?  This section will explore those things that lead to outstanding careers.

Before we explore what leads to outstanding careers, let’s look at what has minimal impact.

  • Grades – Your GPA will only get you an opportunity for interviews. After your first job, no one will care about your grades again.
  • The School You Graduated From – Prestigious schools don’t guarantee a great career. Again, no one will care about your alma mater after your first job.
  • Your Major – Great careers don’t stem from specific majors. You will be surprised when you look at the majors of leaders in various organizations.  They really don’t seem to match up with what the organization does.
  • Your Family Background or Connections – These may help you get a first job, but they are not that helpful after that.


As you reflect on the four items above, you should begin seeing a pattern.  Great careers are a product of your career accomplishments not what you have done or who you know prior to starting your career.

So what leads to a great career? The answer to this question will be covered in the topics in this section.

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