Thomas Siegrist

Class of 2017

IET, Inc.

What does the company do?  IET is a consulting company with its foot in many doors. We are involved in automotive, healthcare, food industry, and a few more. We are partnered with multiple companies to aid in getting contracts for their employees.  Our headquarters is based out of Toledo, OH, but we contract all over the world.

How I got to my current role:

  • Persistence
  • Internships
  • Practicing Interviews
  • Staying Positive
  • Byrd

A day in the life of an Industrial Engineering Consultant – When you wake up you have no idea what to expect for that day. I started working for IET on October 9, 2017. When I first got here, I was asked to get certifications and study, similar to being in class. After two weeks of being employed, I got my first project. I was informed at 8am when I walked into the office that I would be flying out around 4 PM for a project in Alabama. When you are in the consulting world, plans can change in the matter of a few minutes. Since being on the project, I have been put in situations very unfamiliar to me. I work mainly in quality, and performing crisis management to support this company until they are able to be self-sufficient. Below is an example of a recent day I’ve had.
6:00AM – My day starts at 6AM.  I have currently been living out of a hotel for the last 8 weeks, very occasionally going home to see my family and friends. When I get to the office, I immediately touch base with the 2nd shift consultants to make sure we are on the same page for new/old issues.

7:00AM-12:30PM – Around 7AM, I am out of my meeting and touching base with the client I am working for.  I then proceed to follow my to do list which currently includes performing a root cause analysis.  I am working on 8 different projects right now, so organization is a big factor for staying on task to complete my assignments. Besides my 8 projects, I am part of the Critical Response Team which involves containment and training. At any point in my day, I could be pulled from my other projects.  I work closely with a team of about 10 people. Every person has a different issue and task.  I support multiple teams, so it is crucial to have excellent communication between all teams. Around noon is when we head to lunch to unwind for an hour.

1:30PM-6:00PM: After lunch, I am back on my projects. When I finish a project, I write an 8D report to submit for approval.  This will close the project. The 8D includes figuring out the root causes and temporary containment method, a permanent containment method, and implementation of all of them. Every step of the way has to be backed with data. Usually I spend half of my day gathering information and validating it. After validation, I interpret the data, observe the process and discuss with the employees possible improvements, failures, likes and dislikes about the process. Around 5PM is when I will meet back up with the team supervisors on the floor to ensure they perform the handoff the way they are supposed to.  This allows for a seamless transition into the second and third shift so no projects fall out of containment. By 6PM, I meet up with the team members on our second shift to go over any new projects. After my meeting with them, I send out an email summarizing what I verbally discussed with them and update my project supervisor to keep us all on the same page.

Why choose the Consulting Industry? The reason to get involved in the consulting industry is to challenge yourself every day. You will be assigned multiple projects through many different industries including automotive, healthcare, food manufacturing, wood manufacturing, etc. Not only will you have different projects lasting different time frames, but you get to travel.  Since I am still early on in my career, this is an excellent opportunity for me to go sight seeing while doing what I am passionate about. Another big advantage is you get to have your foot in multiple doors and be able to use your connections you have built to maneuver yourself into a successful position of your choosing.  You are not limited to a specific industry.

What’s the end goal? My end goal is to become an independent consultant, having my own company. This will be a difficult task, but I am learning how the industry works and planning my next move.

Most surprising thing that I didn’t expect coming out of college – The most surprising aspect of being out of college is how much of an impact a single person can make. I have worked my way into a situation where multiple people rely on me for information or knowledge. I am only 22 years old and making an impact in companies.

Favorite part about Consulting – Many skills are used throughout my day to day activities but the most important and toughest skill is the “Eye.”  Something Dr. Byrd has mentioned multiple times, this is very difficult to teach since it is your perception of how things work and come together. The experience that is gained does not compare to a normal 9-5 position.

Least favorite thing about Consulting – The amount of support from the headquarters.  At times, I seem very independent and disconnected from them.

My 2 cents – Never let confidence blind you, there is always more to learn.

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