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Amol Mate

Amol Mate received his Industrial Engineering degree from Vishwakarma Institute of Technology in India. After graduating, he went to work for Vishay (formerly Philips India Ltd.) doing traditional Industrial Engineering.

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Jason Williams

Jason Williams says that he could never have imagined the career he has had when he first entered WVU. “Originally I thought I would be a Chemical Engineer, but the Industrial Engineering presentation just blew me away. I liked the idea of connecting engineering with business.”

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Kevin Massie

Kevin Massie knew he wanted to be an engineer but wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. “I chose Industrial Engineering because I liked the broad flexibility of the many career paths you could pursue,” Kevin says.

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Michael Hershberger

Mike Hershberger is a second generation WVU Industrial Engineer. When he came to WVU, he was leaning toward Industrial Engineering, but had a very difficult first semester.

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Michael Leonard

When Mike Leonard was growing up his father had a failing tire retreading business. Mike at that young age realized that efficiency was key to business success.

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Michael Reid

Mike Reid chose engineering because he was good at math and science. He initially wanted to go to West Point but eventually decided to attend WVU.

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Rahul Todkar

Rahul Todkar has three core principles he lives by: always be learning, nurture an innovative mindset, and develop insatiable curiosity. These principles have shaped his life from childhood to up until his decision to come to the United States to pursue a graduate degree.

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Sloan Bonar

When Sloan Bonar came to WVU, he was a Biology major. “I loved Biology in high school, but hated it in college,” Sloan says. “I was looking for a major and read about Industrial Engineering in the catalog. I really liked the idea of integrating technology with people.”

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Vineet Shastri

Vineet Shastri earned an Industrial Engineering degree in his native country: India. He wanted to continue his education, so he applied to 5 schools in America for a Masters. He was accepted by all 5 schools.

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